SEO Services For Small Business

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SEO Services For Small Business

dich vu seo tphcm ho chi minhWhy Businesses Need to Care About SEO Services?

As mentioned above, SEO is becoming an age trend and is slowly being viewed by businesses as a strategic marketing method. In the past year, according to a survey from – a world famous website in the field of web promotion through the search engine, up to 57.4% for B2B and 41% for the type of B2B. B2C businesses think that SEO has a big impact on helping them achieve their goals. Therefore, if you do not quickly pay attention to SEO in time and find SEO services right now, you will easily be overcome by your competitors.

Here are some factors that you need to know to start SEO application for your business and branding:

Compared to most other forms of marketing, SEO is a highly effective form that costs money.
Having a high ranking on the search engines with relevant keywords relevant to the field of activity or content you provide on the website, you will easily reach potential users. At the same time, SEO is also a way to help you target the right audience compared to many other forms of marketing.
There are lots of potential keywords people are interested in and use to search for information up to thousands and even hundreds of thousands or millions every month.
Along with the development of today’s social economy, people are becoming increasingly busy and do not have much time to research and learn information on products and services in the traditional way such as learning. direct. Therefore, the need to search information over the network will last long and continue to grow strongly. That also means that you should use SEO as a long-term campaign for your business and marketing.
SEO is to make your website meet the criteria of the search engine. These criteria are usually directed to the utility for users visiting the website. So do SEO to make your website more popular and can become visitors loyal to your website.
The longer the website and the sooner the SEO application will be, the stronger and more sustainable. In contrast, new website or late SEO application will be more difficult to overcome opponents. This also means that the more you delay, the more difficult you will be to succeed or the more money you will have to invest in overcoming your competitors.

And there are many other reasons that you need to care about SEO right now, do not hesitate to contact our SEO services for free consultation.

Types of SEO website services

Professional SEO services Viet Solutions has the following packages to help you be more flexible in choosing and investing in a strategy that suits each company differently:

SEO Audit Services: SEO Audit is an analysis and total analysis of your website’s status, as well as the direction and strategies of SEO for you.
Basic SEO Services: Basic SEO is the service that performs editing for your website with some minimum criteria that should be available to be friendly with the search engine.
Keyword SEO Services: Keyword SEO services are merely pledging to push the rankings onto the website with the corresponding keyword on the search results page.
SEO traffics: SEO traffics are primarily concerned with developing user access to your website from the search engines. This service is not committed to keyword rankings but commits traffic to your website with keywords within your domains, products and services.
Overall SEO Services: SEO is the overall SEO services strategy, the work will cover all the services outlined above. This service is suitable for businesses that have invested and want to grow, build brand, grow and increase sales through search engines.
SEO consulting services: Business services have their own team or SEO staff but need advice from SEO experts of Viet Solution.
Webmaster services: Website content and techniques, website system should be operating stable, updated regularly to support the effective SEO strategy. In case you have SEO staff but do not have technical support or updated website content, this is the right package for you.

Process SEO website service

In order to help you easily prepare the information and to grasp the process of working with us, here is a general procedure for the types of SEO services that we offer:

Receipt of requests made as SEO clients.
Requirements analysis and survey, SEO analysis.
Offer SEO service suggestions and quotes.
Signed SEO service contract.
Implement the service and report the results of the SEO periodically depending on the scale of the project.
Acceptance and transfer through maintenance.